Well, i usually like space as much as i like unicorn. It describes my mind with all the things in it. There’s a beautiful star, a big sun, and a lot of planets. Even though my the most favorite planet, “us”, is there too,  this time i really hate something what they called space.

6.20 AM

“You wake up early today?” asked my mom.

“Well, yeah. I slept earlier than usual.” I replied and smiled.

I hate the fact that i can’t sleep properly even though i know my body is pretty weak. Every night. But well, i have a lot of things in mind that i can’t share to anyone to. I have a lot of things to be considered. I feel so sorry to anyone who should fight for me, should stay even though its hard to understand my random feelings.

Some people said i’m sweet, but i’m disagree with it because in reality i’m pretty annoying. I always keep everything in mind and in the end i don’t do anything. Of course it’s not sweet, isn’t it?

I’m not a serious person because i know it will hurt myself if i take everything seriously. And again, i feel so sorry for anyone who should stay with it. That’s how i protect myself when there’s no human to depend on, laugh when life gets harder and makes me feel like hopeless.

I hate space because i’m not a serious person. Because when i’m being so far away from the one who i cared about, it’s hard to make a “not serious” conversation.

07.15 AM

Everything become so cold. My “not serious” side take a little break. And yeah, i feel so sorry for anyone who should deal with it for a moment.